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Create complex 3D shapes easily with this free program
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Creating 3D shapes is very useful in drawing plans, designing pieces of equipment, and so on. Nevertheless, this can be much more difficult than drawing in 2D.
Unlike other more complex programs, 3D Crafter is fairly easy to use. At first, you only need to choose the shape you want to use and click on the main window. The shape will then appear, and you can control its size, level of detail, and so on. Then, you can add more shapes interlinked among them and modify them to form objects, furniture, and even animals and other living beings. The program gives you many interesting tools that allow you to create objects much more complex than simply the basic shapes (sphere, cube, cone, and more), such as the Extrude and Smooth tools, that allow you to modify the original shapes to develop more sophisticated forms. Once you have drawn the object you need, you can add a color and/or a texture, and even animate it. Then, you can export the object to different 3D programs.

Albeit it is not as complex to use as other more specialized programs, this one requires some time to get familiarized with all its functions. Nevertheless, it has several tutorials that will help you learn how to use the program. Thus if you want to start drawing 3D images easily, then you may want to give this free program a try.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use
  • It has many different tools to achieve complex effects
  • It has tutorials to learn how to use it


  • You need to devote some time to learn how to use all the program's features
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